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Report: Defqon.1 Festival 2014 – Survival of the Fittest

Defqon.1 Festival 2014 took place on June the 27th, 28th and 29th on Evenemententerrein Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen. Defqon.1 represented all the harder styles in dance music by placing 15 different stages on the festival grounds. You could find everything from euphoric hardstyle to dark industrial. 

The journey to our Survival
On Friday we had packed our bags and were ready to drive off to Biddinghuizen. After a 1,5 hour trip we saw ‘Defqon.1′ signs on the side of the road, hinting that we were very close. We reached the parking lot in no-time and walked to the entrance. Red Bull was kind enough to place a little train on the parking lot, that brought you and all your belongings to the entrance of the festival. After dragging our stuff over the infamous bridge, we quickly got through the security and found our spot. We dropped our bags and sat down for just a moment. Defqon.1 had officially started!

True ‘Weekend Warriors’ stay at the camping
We had some time to kill before the pre-party would start, so we decided to walk around the camping. There were many different facilities like a store (food, non-food and merchandise), restaurant, several shower and toilet locations, a cinema and much more. The camping also offered a lot of entertainment like classic videogames, several sports, etc.

It was very crowded and you could definitely notice that there were more people than last year. But it wasn’t something that really bothered us, because it’s a good thing that more people get to enjoy the true weekend warrior experience.

The Gathering has begun
The clock reached 19:45 and sirens went off, ‘This is an automated message. Please report to the Blue. The Gathering is about to begin’. Every head turned and, like zombies, everyone started walking towards the festival entrance. People were laughing, screaming, singing and dancing. Everyone was in a good mood and looking forward to all the nice things they were about to encounter.

Coone, Isaac, Wildstylez, Ran-D and Wild Motherfuckers all did a very good job by warming the crowd up and preparing them for the next two days. Everyone was full of energy (which would be a different story two days later haha) and gave it their all. It didn’t matter that there were still two days of partying, the true weekend warriors gave it their all throughout the entire night. Defqon.1 is the time for artists to bring out new material and they all lived up to that. The Gathering ended at 01:00 and a few hours later we decided to get some rest, because Saturday stood on our doorstep.

Saturday, the Survival of the Fittest
After a good night sleep (because this year we weren’t sleeping next to the 24-hour tent) we took a shower, made some breakfast and headed over to the entrance. Audiofreq & Geck-o started at the RED and provided some heavy subground. After that Bass Modulators took over and the mainstage was already filled with people. The INDIGO stage was the place to be if you’re an Raw Hardstyle addict. The set of The Geminizers vs The Machine was out of this world and at one point a bunch of people started climbing on the shipping containers and danced on top of them. It was good to see that everyone was in such a good mood.

As the day progressed the weather was absolutely fantastic. Defqon.1, or should we say Rainqon.1, didn’t live up to its reputation and even the sun came out to party with all of us.     The sirens went off again and a voice called out to us; ‘Report to the Red, the Power Hour is about to begin’. We had absolutely no idea what the Power Hour would be, so curious as we were, we hurried to the mainstage.

Defqon.1 – Power Hour
The mainstage filled up real good and everyone was waiting what the following hour would bring. Suddenly a small stunt plane performed some tricks in the sky and when we looked down, several torches were lit on the left and right side of the area. It quickly became clear what the power hour was. A 1-hour megamix with all the best and most popular tracks from today and back then. Everyone seemed to love it, because they all knew the tracks. The mainstream level was reaching its limit, but no-one seemed to be bothered by it. We all sang along and looked at each other with big eyes when yet another classic started playing.

The day provided many more great artists like Frequencerz, B-Front, Digital Punk, Code Black, Noisecult, Wasted Penguinz and at 19:30 we rushed to the Blue for Minus Militia. They performed exactly as they promised. It was a miracle the tent was still standing when they finished. Many new tracks were played, including the Supremacy anthem.

At the mainstage Noisecontrollers played a great LIVE set and he was followed by Crypsis. Unfortunately it started to rain during his set, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. The set became very raw in the second halve and the crowd loved every second of it. B-Freqz took over at 22:00 and played some new tracks. It was good to see that Q-dance programmed this raw end to the Saturday on the mainstage. At 22:30 the end show began and even though the end show of last year seemed better, people were still gazing to the stage and all the lights and fireworks that it produced. ‘This was a Q-dance event’ bellowed across the stage, announcing the end of this day. Or was it? Because only 15 minutes later the afterparty at the Blue started. Darkraver, TNT, A² All Stars and Endymion drained every last bit of energy from the camping visitors. At 4:00 the music stopped, but those who wanted to party on could go to the Orange stage, which was open 24-hours a day.

The last day is already here, Sunday
We woke up feeling a bit sad. While we still had one full day ahead of us, the weekend was already reaching its end. But that didn’t let us down for too long, because we were still at Defqon.1 and we were still ready for a day full of hard slamming beats!

The Blue, UV and Black stage were already blazing and full in no-time. Artists like Hard Driver, Phrantic, Outbreak, Wasted Mind, Tha Playah, Da Tweekaz and Outlander were giving the people what they wanted by making their performance one big party. We couldn’t resist to board a helicopter that flew over the festival terrain. You can watch the footage below:

We touched down and the clock said 16:00. The match between the Netherlands and Mexico started and Q-dance was kind enough to broadcast the match next to the Black area. We walked up to the screen and there literally was a sea of people sitting on the ground, watching the game. We sat down and, Dutch as we are, started jumping and screaming when Huntelaar brought us the 2-1 victory. People were in the best mood ever and this could only mean good things for the rest of the day.

The final stage of Defqon.1, The Closing
After getting something to eat, the sirens went off one last time; ‘Report to the Red, The Closing is about to begin’. Brennan Heart kicked it off and played a great set. Surprisingly he even played some raw tracks. Frontliner came after him and introduced us to his brand-new live-act. It sounded very good, however there were some technical failures. But that only confirmed the fact that he was indeed performing live, so that totally made up for it. Ran-D & B-Front were up next, but when Ran-D was announced, there was no sign of B-Front on the stage. We were starting to get worried that he didn’t show up, but suddenly he appeared and the duo performed a great set. We were a bit disappointed that no artist played a track to celebrate the victory of The Netherlands against Mexico, but who could blame them.

The end show came up, which was better than the day before. Just like the day before, people were gazing up into the sky and it looked like the entire weekend flashed before everyone’s eyes. The famous ‘Wow Wow’ sounded and Defqon.1 2014 had come to an end. While walking back to the camping site, I was already reviewing the event in my head and I came to the conclusion that this was the best Defqon.1 edition that I’ve been to. I’ve already marked my agenda for next year!

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